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Witch’s Broomsticks


Spellbinding and simple, Witch’s Broomsticks treats add sweet and salty Halloween fun to the party. You’ll need just a few things — candy, DOT'S Pretzel Twists and icing — to create these snacks. Try the REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures version or add a fruit-flavored, nut-free option with TWIZZLERS PULL ‘N’ PEEL Candy. Pair with Witch’s Hat Cookies for a totally bewitching dessert display!

You'll Need


Step-By-Step Directions

Witch's Broomsticks Step 1

REESE’S: Unwrap REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures. (Tip: It helps if your candy is room temperature to warm. You can also hold the wrapped cup in your hand for 10 seconds to soften.)

TWIZZLERS: Separate TWIZZLERS PULL ‘N’ PEEL Candy strands and tear them into thirds.


REESE’S: Carefully press the end of a pretzel into the candy to make your broomstick.

TWIZZLERS: Double over the strands and place 5 side by side.

Witch's Broomsticks Step 3

REESE’S: Add icing around the base of the stick for extra hold.

TWIZZLERS: Place the doubled strands around the pretzel. Then use one more strand to wrap around the top. Press slightly to secure.

Customize your REESE’S Witch’s Broomsticks with any color icing!