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Six Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Try at Home

Published: Mar 31, 2023

Looking for some egg-cellent ways to entertain your little bunnies for Easter? These fun backyard and indoor Easter ideas turn traditional egg hunts into at-home adventures for the whole family.

Hidden Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Whether you’re doing your egg hunt inside or outside, this tried-and-true scavenger hunt idea elevates your eggs with hidden clues! Here’s how: Find a super-sneaky spot to hide their Easter basket. Then, hide eggs stuffed with clues and candy that guide your kids from one egg to the next, all over the house or backyard. The final clue leads them to their Easter basket! You can adapt this idea for any age with picture clues for the little ones and riddle clues for older kids. Here are a few clues to get you started:

  • Easter eggs are hidden near and far, find the next clue where we park the car.
  • The clues are still coming, and you are trying so hard! Look where you would mail a “Happy Easter!” card.
  • Easter brunch is so yummy — from the eggs to the bacon! Now go to the place where you brush your teeth after wakin’.
  • Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and all sorts of treats! Here you will find lots of yummy things to eat!
fireplace mantel decorated with easter candy

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

A glow-in-the-dark egg hunt is perfect for Easter eve, and something the kids won’t be egg-specting! Fill your glow-in-the-dark eggs with their favorite Hershey Candies, then leave the eggs in a well-lit spot so they are as glow-y as possible. You could use mini-LED balloon party lights to light up regular colored plastic eggs, too. For even more fun, decorate your eggs with pipe cleaners and googly eyes to create adorable Easter “lightning bugs” that will get everyone eager for summer. Now, all you need to do is give the kids flashlights, glow necklaces and glow bracelets so you can see them during the lights-out hunt!

easter bucket filled with candy and glow in the dark easter eggs

Easter Egg Scramble

Make your egg hunt more fun with a puzzle! This game requires a series of prize eggs with matching colors. To claim the prize, the kids must find all the eggs of the same color and then unscramble the letters that are decorated on or stuffed inside the egg and spell out a word. If you want every child to get a prize, assign each child a specific color. Or, have them work together to solve all the word scrambles and give everyone a prize once they are complete. Everybunny wins!

pink and blue easter eggs painted with letters

Rainbow Color-Themed Egg Hunt

How do you do an Easter egg hunt when you want to give each child personalized prizes or if you have a child with a food allergy? Use the power of the rainbow and have each child find eggs in their assigned color. It makes the game colorful and fun, plus it levels the playing field if you have kids of different ages involved in the egg hunt.

easter bucket filled with candy and easter eggs

Gift Card or Money Egg Hunt

Suppose you’ve got tweens, teens or adults participating in the family Easter egg hunt, and you want to make it a little competitive. Stash fake coins or tickets in the eggs that are redeemable for a gift card or a prize when they get back to home base. Better yet, fill your eggs with real money, both coins and bills, they can “shop” with and keep in the end. Don’t forget to include eggs with candy, too!

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail Hunt

This egg-citing Easter activity is a super easy way to introduce egg hunts to your toddlers, younger children or kids with sensory sensitivities. Start at your exterior door for an outside hunt or at their bedroom door for an inside hunt. Tie ribbon or string to guide your tots to where they need to go to get their first egg. And then add more ribbon to the next egg, and so on, until they reach the hiding spot for their Easter basket! You can clip printed bunny footprints to the ribbon to make it an actual “bunny trail.” Have them hop like a bunny the whole way through!

Accessible and Sensory-Friendly Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts can be easily adapted to be inclusive for kids of all abilities.

  • Be mindful of children who use wheelchairs by making the eggs accessible: keep eggs hidden within reach, tie helium balloons to the Easter eggs for quick spotting or give them an Easter egg grabber.
  • For kids with low vision, use eggs with beepers. You could even have all the kids hunt blindfolded, and every child is paired with a partner who guides them by saying how “hot” or “cold” they are to an egg.
  • Have a sensory-friendly egg hunt that allows kids to hunt on their own or in small groups. Hopping Down the Bunny Trail and the Rainbow Color-Themed idea can help minimize distractions and ensure that your child doesn’t need to be a part of a wild scramble for eggs. Of course, include toys, prizes and candies in their eggs that are custom for their needs.

What to Put in Easter Eggs … Hershey Candy, of course!

Cracking open the eggs and seeing which chocolate treasures you get is the best part of Easter egg hunts. Luckily, all Hershey's Easter candy is delectable and delightful and fits perfectly inside the eggs! Here are some seasonal varieties every bunny will love and which size eggs to put them in.

More Easter Ideas at Home

Once the hunt is over and you’ve picked up several candy wrappers from the floor, it’s time to gather around the table for Easter dinner. Make sure to include an extra-special dessert like our Easy Easter Pie. Hop over to our Easter ideas page for more spring recipes and celebration ideas.