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The kids’ Halloween costumes are finished, you’ve got extra layers if it gets chilly and empty treat buckets are ready to go. Before you head out the door for trick-or-treat night (or turn on the porchlight to hand out candy), we’ve got a few sweet tips to ensure your Halloween is safe, fun and faBOOlous!

Tips for Parents

As parents, you’ve always got safety top of mind. With excited trick-or-treaters running around and magic in the air, you’ll have your hands full. Don’t worry, we’ve got a trick-or-treat checklist to keep things safe instead of scary!

  • Talk with your children about safety and expectations.

  • Stay home if you or your child are feeling unwell.

  • Guide children to stay on the right side of the road or stick to the sidewalks.· If you’re trick-or-treating in a group, stick together.

  • Carry a flashlight at night and ensure your children are wearing reflective clothing. A few small reflective strips on the front and back of their costume will do the trick.

  • Wash your hands as soon as you return home.

  • Inspect candy for open wrappers.

Tips for Homeowners

Handing out candy to adorable trick-or-treaters can be just as fun as collecting it! Check out these tips and alternative hand-out options for creating a safe Halloween setup for your neighborhood monsters.

  • Don’t hand out candy if you’re feeling unwell.

  • Make sure your driveway, sidewalk and porch are well lit to prevent trips and falls.

  • Distribute candy from the porch or driveway instead of opening and closing your front door.

  • Lay your candy options out on a scary table setup so kids can choose one without touching all the candy in a bucket.

  • Opt for an outdoor candy display so trick-or-treaters can help themselves. This Halloween Door Hanger and Halloween Candy Web are great ideas!

  • Offer an non-food alternative for children with allergies, such as stickers, pencils or small trinkets.

  • Wash your hands when you’re finished handing out candy for the evening.

If you’ve got safety covered and you’re looking for some inspiration for a howlin’ good Halloween Party, view our recipes, crafts, decor and costume ideas!