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The Classic Taste of HERSHEY’S Syrup — A Success Story You Can Turn into Your Own

“It’s just pure, simple flavor…the way it’s always been — It hasn’t changed.”

Ed Mack, owner of Cruisin Coffee in western Washington state, has been using HERSHEY’S syrup to deliver chocolaty smiles with his signature coffee drinks. And guess what? You can do the same in your kitchen. With the best syrup recipes on hand, you can enhance your favorite desserts, drinks and everyday snacks.

Cruisin Coffee’s Success Story

For the last 28 years, Mack has been mixing HERSHEY’S chocolate syrup into his coffee drinks, sharing its classic taste with his loyal customers. From mocha beverages and hot chocolates to his famous mocha milkshake (yes, you can start licking your lips for this one), Mack incorporates HERSHEY’S syrup because he knows it delivers a consistent and authentic chocolate syrup taste, the same as it’s always been.

Since Cruisin Coffee’s opening day, HERSHEY’S syrup has been a signature offering and a key ingredient in the shop’s success. According to Mack, it’s the third most used commodity aside from milk and coffee, of course.

Now, how about making your own specialty syrup drinks and desserts?

Delicious Syrup Recipes for You and Yours

Whether you’re looking for a unique drink recipe during friendly get-togethers or a fun way to jazz up your birthday party and holiday desserts, there are so many easy ways to add a little something extra with HERSHEY’S syrup. Level-up your everyday snacks and drinks with six of our top ways to use genuine chocolate syrup.


You can also discover how to make a S’mores-Tini or a malted root beer float using HERSHEY’S chocolate syrup. Yes, the S’mores-Tini is as delectable as it sounds! If you’re in the mood for something full of caramel flavor, try making a caramel latte with HERSHEY’S caramel syrup or give your milkshakes a fruitier mix with HERSHEY’S strawberry-flavored syrup.

Even during holidays and birthday celebrations, grab some HERSHEY’S syrup to whip up ghostly, drooling Halloween crafts or handmake chocolate-drizzled strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Any flavor of syrup can help you craft unique DIYs no matter the season and occasion.

A Classic Syrup Taste That’s Here to Stay

Nothing beats the family-favorite, feel-good taste of HERSHEY’S classic syrup. As Crusin Coffee continues to spin out delicious chocolaty and caramel drinks, you too can be creative in your kitchen with these easy homemade recipes.

Get ready to squeeze, swirl, dot or drizzle HERSHEY’S syrup onto some of your favorite drinks, desserts and everyday snacks!

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Catherine Putt
Copywriter, Traveler, and Sustainability-Enthusiast
Catherine Putt
Copywriter, Traveler, and Sustainability-Enthusiast

Catherine Putt is a copywriter for The Hershey Company who also has a passion for sustainability and travel. After living in Sydney, Australia, for one year and exploring New Zealand for a month afterward, she realized her true appreciation for living a sustainable life, taking on new adventures and writing meaningful stories. She hopes to encourage you to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle no matter your journey.