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Become A Cuppy For Life

There’s no better time to bite into the life you want than now. REESE'S University invites you to submit your application. Tell us who you are, why you’re awesome, and what makes you a true Fighting Cuppy. If you also want to tell us why we’re awesome, we never turn down flattery. Acceptance is pretty much guaranteed. The benefits and sense of accomplishment are life long.

Reese's U Fashion Design

1. Find Your Passion

At REESE'S University, the possibilities AND the round candy exteriors are seemingly endless. Submit your application, celebrate your acceptance, and join us! 

Reese's U Diploma

2. What You Get

The rush of adrenaline that on that first roller coaster drop. The pride of knowing you’re a part of something bigger than you. The question isn’t really“ what you get,” but “what DON’T you get?” 

Are you RU?

3. What's Next

Simply put, so much! Keep an eye on our website and official university communications. What are you waiting for? Around here, sometimes the good stuff gets eaten up quickly! 

Apply Now!