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Reese's University - Home of the Fighting Cuppies



The Combination of Greatness

Dreams are built on perfect combinations: Talent & Perseverance, Curiosity & Passion, Chocolate & Peanut Butter. The next great Combination could be REESE'S University and YOU.

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Are You RU?

Are you AWESOME? Do you look good in orange? Does the combination of chocolate and peanut butter help you focus? If you answered yes; If you like other awesome people; If you bleed REESE'S Orange -- RU is for you.

Declaring a Major

We know declaring your love for REESE'S is easy. Declaring a major? Maybe not. That's why we have created the perfect quiz to help any undeclared students make this major decision.


What's Happening

student in lab coat

After years of experimentation and analysis in his advanced seasonal shapes lab, Professor Jeremy Criezis says there is meaningful evidence for a world of seasonal shapes much more expansive than what is currently known. “Theoretically, our universe could contain completely new shapes beyond Pumpkins and Eggs. We’re not saying chocolate and peanut butter turkeys do exist, but it’s a definite possibility.” 

Reese's University Launches the Peanut Butter Pool

After years of waiting, members of the RU community were thrilled, surprised, and completely covered in peanut butter at the grand opening of the university’s first permanent peanut butter pool. “Wow. I was just joking when I said that!” said former RU student body president Miranda Amey. The new milk chocolate sauna will open later this month. 

Reeses university student

Apply now to be the newest member of our student body! And keep an eye on our website and official university communications. You could be a part of the next groundbreaking innovation in chocolate and peanut butter research. What are you waiting for? Around here, sometimes the good stuff gets eaten up quickly!