The Fighting Cuppies

REESE'S University has the winningest confection-based basketball program. Our track record speaks for itself. But our Cuppies don’t play for the roaring crowds or the glory of the win. They play for the love of the game. And peanut butter. We give them REESE'S after every game, so that’s probably also a big motivating factor.

The Spirit Of The Fighting Cuppies

What makes a Fighting Cuppy? It’s the courage of a peanut to break through whatever shell is holding it back. It’s the ability to thrive under pressure, for it is pressure that transforms the peanut of a dream into the peanut butter of its true potential. It’s the ability to face the heat of the moment and find one’s inner perfectly balanced roasted flavor. Put all these elements together, and you will soon find yourself surrounded by the sweet chocolate of success. Cuppies work together. Cuppies dream big. Cuppies have an edge to them. Cuppies fight.