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Confection-Based College
Sports Program


Peanut Butter
Cup Titles




Acceptance Rate

Commitment To Core Values

Becoming a Fighting Cuppy is more than just taking classes or cheering alongside Peanut Butter Nation. Like a ridged cup of delectable chocolate,  it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Integrity, compassion, peanut butter. 

Courses Of Study

At REESE'S University, students come first. Chocolate and peanut butter come second. Or maybe they’re all tied for first. It’s very close. The point is that it takes a diverse set of great minds from across academic disciplines to continue creating chocolatey, peanut buttery awesomeness.

Reese's U - Painting Class 101

ART 104 Make The World Orange

What does it take to make something not currently orange become orange? Can something currently orange be made an even better orange? Students will study the role of REESE'S orange and how it can be applied to everything possible. 

PBCH 301 Advanced Peanut Butter Ratios

PBCH 301 Advanced Peanut Butter Ratios

Graduate-level lab seminar exploring the interaction of peanut butter and chocolate outside the realm of Euclid’s confectionary theorems. Students must provide their own calculators and paper wrappers.

Reese's U Physics Class

PHYS 210 Linear Ridge Forces 

What is the role of a linear ridge on the perimeter of an otherwise completely round system? This course goes beyond Peanut Butter cup basics and into advanced elements of external cup dynamics.

ARCH 101 Introduction To Cup Structures

ARCH 101 Introduction To Cup Structures 

What makes the cup the perfect delivery system? How do you design delicious? This course will explore early chocolate and peanut butter structure theories and how they all converged on the signature form of the modern REESE'S Cup.

REESE'S University FAQs

Fighting Cuppies

We are as only as great as the stuff we’re made of. Whether on our campus or beyond, Cuppies are united by a bond. Like peanut butter and the top of a mouth, Cuppies stick together. Come to REESE'S University, and unwrap your best.