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Nothing is more magical than unicorns and rainbows. So why not throw a party that is sure to spellbind everyone? We’ve put together our most colorful, fantastical and delicious ideas for any rainbow unicorn party. 

Serve up unicorn party treats everyone will love 

We’re not entirely sure what it is that unicorns eat, but we imagine it’s sweet, enchanting and comes in every color of the rainbow.


Fiesta Fantasy Cake

• Unicorn KIT KAT® Fudge 

Treat your guests to these bite-size pieces that are as cute as they are easy to make. 

• Fiesta Funfetti Cake 

This chocolate layer cake is already a party favorite. Add some rainbow sprinkles and it will be the unicorn and rainbow birthday party centerpiece. 


All you need are some Jolly Ranchers to create these beautiful — and delectable — gems. 

TWIZZLERS Dipped Strawberry Twists

Looking for DIY rainbow and unicorn decorations? 

Before you rush off to the party store, order or stock up on a bunch of premade unicorn party supplies, check out our easy crafts that will magically change your home into an enchanted forest. 

• Make your own unicorn horns 

What’s a unicorn party without the unicorn horn? Here’s a fun way to make a bunch of different horns just by combining TWIZZLERS Twists and chocolate.

Create a rainbow walkway

Your guests will feel like they’re walking through a rainbow sky with these KISSES Chocolates Balloon Weights. Create an entrance or set up a winding trail of color.

Leave out pots of gold

It’s easy to find gold at the end of the rainbow. Just grab a few bowls or candy dishes and fill them with pieces of golden wrapped ROLO® Chocolate Candy.

Unicorns have the most fun at parties

Your little unicorns will too with these unicorn birthday games and party ideas. 

Holiday ROLO Pretzel Delights

Set up a unicorn paint party

This is fun for every age. Set up a corner of the room and let your guests’ imaginations fly. Put out crayons, markers, paints and any other art supplies. 

Break the pinata for a burst of color 

Get a unicorn theme or rainbow theme pinata and make sure to fill it with candy wrapped in all assorted colors and flavors. You can find a bunch of different colors and even add some shimmer with KISSES. Once it breaks, watch a confetti of colors burst in the air. 

You don’t need magic after all 

All you need is some imagination and a few of your favorite treats to create the sweetest unicorn rainbow party.