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Cake Recipes

Just like every celebration calls for cake, these decadent cake recipes deserve celebrating! From classic chocolate cake recipes to flavorful infusions like fruit, mint or cherry, slice up some deliciousness in your kitchen.

slice of chocolate cake on blue ceramic plate

HERSHEY'S "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake

This is the one. When you think chocolate cake, this is what you should see, taste and smell. Try this fan-favorite recipe today.

Cake Their Breath Away: Bake Tips & Inspo

Red velvet cake with cross section slice beside it

Rich chocolate flavor and tangy cream cheese give red velvet desserts that extrasomething. Explore red velvet dessert recipes and more!

smores cake being assembled on a plate

Never fear. We've got the best baker secrets to saving your cakes from near dessert disaster!

square carrot cake slices on serving plate

Are there really carrots in the batter? Should you add nuts or not? Discover baking tips and recipes for this unique, rich treat!

Did You Know?

Freezing your cake for an hour before decorating allows the frosting to go on smooth and holda the crumbs in. Explore more baking tips, tricks and hacks that'll make your moments in the kitchen even sweeter.