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Organic food and snack options are more widely available than ever before. But when it comes to organic chocolate, it might sometimes feel like your choices are limited to unfamiliar brands and premium prices. Not anymore! Now you can get all the HERSHEY’S AND REESE’S chocolate you love, in the organic varieties you prefer, at a price you can feel good about.

How Is Organic Chocolate Different?

For more than 125 years, Hershey has developed delicious chocolate and candy products that undergo rigorous sourcing and production to ensure only the best-quality ingredients make it into your candy. Hershey’s organic product goes through a complex certification process to ensure each ingredient is USDA Organic certified. From the milk chocolate to the creamy peanut butter (if you’re dreaming about REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups), the whole spectrum of ingredients is certified organic. Sometimes, organic can also mean significant cost. We’re proud to offer chocolate lovers these delicious organic options at a price that won’t break the budget.


Hershey’s Sustainable Cocoa Strategy

Many shoppers choose organic not just for the better ingredients but for the way production impacts the planet and communities worldwide. We feel the same way about how sourcing our cocoa affects the surrounding environment and communities. Fulfilling our pledge, as a company, we have reached 100% certified and sustainable cocoa as of January 2020. We’re also investing half a billion dollars by 2030 to benefit cocoa-farming communities through our Cocoa for Good pledge.

Organic Hershey's Products


Shop Hershey’s Organic Chocolate

Filling your candy dishes with organic options everyone can enjoy has never been easier. You can even incorporate organic candy into your favorite recipes. Pro tip: Try pairing HERSHEY’S Organic Milk Chocolate Candy Bars with organic brownie mix when you make these Brownie Squares.
If brownies aren’t your thing, or you want to skip straight to the ready-made organic treats, we’ve got you covered. Hershey has six new organic chocolate options for your snacking pleasure, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups.


Whether you’re living an organic lifestyle, going zero sugar to meet a wellness goal, or rewarding yourself with a classic candy treat, Hershey is here to bring you more moments of goodness!