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Heart Pencil Toppers


Remind your sweeties that they’re tops with these DIY heart pencil toppers. Arrange several in a Mason jar for a unique Valentine’s Day gift or a fun after-school surprise.

You'll Need

  • REESE'S Hearts
  • Craft glue or glue dots
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Heart-shaped doilies
  • Mason jar (optional)
  • KISSES Chocolates (optional)



Create a template for your heart-shaped pencil topper using a piece of scrap paper.


Place the template on top of construction paper, trace and cut out several hearts.


Glue the doilies to the back of your hearts, being careful to leave an empty space at the bottom for a pencil to slip through.


Use an adhesive dot to attach a REESE'S Heart, then put the pencil topper onto a pencil.


Fill a Mason jar with KISSES Chocolates and REESE'S Hearts, then arrange your pencils inside the jar.


Finish off your craft with a personalized note, a notebook or a KISSES Valentine's Day Tube.

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