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Homemade Holiday Hot Chocolate Gifts


Your family and friends will think of you fondly when they cozy up with a mug of HERSHEY’S Hot Chocolate, a DIY drink gifted by you! Whether you choose the reindeer (HERSHEY’S Hot Cocoa for One) or the snowman (HERSHEY’S White Peppermint Hot Chocolate), all they’ll need to do is add milk. These DIY Christmas gifts are easy to assemble and can be tucked away for a much-needed winter warmup. Pair your present with a mug for a sweet and simple surprise!

You'll need


Step-By-Step Directions

Homemade Holiday Hot Chocolate Step 1

Reindeer: Mix cocoa, sugar and salt and place into a piping bag.

Snowman: Crush ¼ of a candy cane and place into a piping bag. Add a layer of white

Homemade Hot Chocolate Step 2

Reindeer or Snowman: Trim off excess, fold down the plastic and secure with tape.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Step 3

Reindeer: In the second piping bag, add a red HERSHEY’S KISSES Candy, tip down. Put the cocoa mix bag on top.

Snowman: In the second piping bag, add the candy cane/chips bag.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Step 4

Reindeer: Add a layer of baking chips (any flavor you’d like) and a layer of mini marshmallows, leaving enough room (about 3-4 inches) to secure the bag.

Snowman: Add a layer of mini marshmallows. Break a HERSHEY’S Bar into quarters. Stack two 3-pip sections on top of the marshmallows, then add two 2-pip sections on top. Eat the other two pips!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Step 5

Reindeer or Snowman: Tie your bag closed with ribbon and trim off any excess plastic at the top of the piping bag

Homemade Hot Chocolate Step 6

Reindeer: Add the antlers by securing two candy canes with a dab of hot glue. Then add two googly eyes.

Snowman: Secure button eyes and mouth with glue dots. Shape an orange pipe cleaner into a triangle nose shape and secure with glue dots.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Step 7

Reindeer or Snowman: Assemble the printable gift tags and punch a hole at the top. Thread a gift tag onto the ribbon and tie another knot to secure.

Ideas & Inspiration

These recipes are easy to customize! If your recipient is a chocolate and peanut butter fan, make your reindeer with REESE’S Peanut Butter Chips.