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Pinecone Birdfeeder


Make some sustainable snacks for your feathered friends with this eco-friendly Earth Day Pinecone Birdfeeder! This activity is simple, easy and great for teaching the little ones all about the importance of the environment. Hang these DIY birdfeeders outside and wait for all the birds to come nibble on their new treats.

You'll Need

Step-By-Step Directions

organizing and preparing your workstation

Gather your supplies and dust any debris off pinecones and/or slice up your apples.


  • We recommend using recycled newspaper and compostable plates for easy, sustainable cleanup.
tying string to a pinecone and apple core

Tie your string to the top of your pinecone and/or through the center of your apples.


  • It gets messy after this, so tie the string first!
  • A tapestry needle may help you thread the string through the center of the apple slices.
coating the pinecone and apple in reeses peanut butter by rolling

Easily apply REESE’S Creamy Peanut Butter or chosen alternative to the pinecone or apples by melting it for 30 seconds to a minute in the microwave.

coating the pinecone and apple in reeses peanut butter with a spoon and rubber scraper

Those with limited hand mobility may want to use a small spoon or rubber spatula. If you enjoy the sensation of peanut butter, try using your hands!

rolling the peanut butter coated pinecone and apple in birdseed

Coat your pinecones and/or apples in birdseed.

rolling or spooning birdseed onto the peanut butter coated pinecone and apple

Use your hands or a spoon to sprinkle the seeds on.

hanging the peanut butter and birdseed covered pinecone and apple outdoors

Hang your birdfeeder from a branch, shrubs or on anything that allows the birds to perch and feed on their new snack!