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REESE’S Lovers Gift Basket


Look what’s stuffed into this basket — a heap of REESE’S Peanut Butter Candies! The serious peanut butter lovers in your life will jump for joy for this incredible DIY gift basket of fun. Lean into the vivid orange, yellow and brown colors and make a statement with REESE’S swag, trendy bright orange sunglasses and a colorful water bottle. Who wouldn’t love to receive this cool basket for a birthday, graduation, holiday or special occasion?



Fill your basket or container with basket stuffer.


Roll the REESE’S Heathered T-Shirt and place in the basket.


Add the water bottle to the back of the basket.


Tuck in all the REESE’S Candies. 


Place the sunglasses, colorful socks or other cool, small gifts into the basket. Optional: Wrap your basket in cellophane and tie it with a colored or wide burlap ribbon.

More Ideas and Inspiration

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