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SKINNYPOP Popcorn and Cranberry Garland


Get ready to sprinkle some holiday cheer with this delightful, homemade SKINNYPOP Popcorn and Cranberry Garland! Learn how to make popcorn garland for a timeless and festive holiday decoration that’ll bring back major nostalgia vibes. A big pro with this craft is that using SKINNYPOP Popcorn takes away the need for hours-long prep, and you get to snack while you craft! So turn on a holiday classic, warm up some HERSHEY’S Perfectly Chocolate Hot Cocoa and grab your pals for a cozy, fun-filled night. Create some magical memories and start decking those halls in style.

You'll Need



one bowl filled with skinnypop popcorn and the other with cranberries

Pour out both SKINNYPOP Popcorn and cranberries into two separate large bowls for easy reach.


Cut a length of thread slightly longer than you need.


Create separate strands for each tier of the tree you want rather than one continuous strand (no one looks at the back of tree!)

popcorn garland with a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of cranberries

Thread your tapestry needle and create! Be sure to insert your needle at the center of the popcorn or cranberry, press it through and slide to the end of your string.


Start with a cranberry and create a knot around the cranberry for the best stability.

christmas tree with popcorn garland

Continue this process until your string is full and then tie a knot at the end.

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