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Soothing Self-Care Spa Gift Basket


Pamper a friend or loved one with this homemade soothing self-care spa gift basket. With a relaxing homemade mocha sugar scrub, cocoa bath soak and other delightful self-care gifts, you’ll set the mood for their very own luxurious home spa treatment. The full experience wouldn’t be complete without Hershey’s chocolate and treats for an even more uplifted state of mind. 

You'll Need




Fill your basket or container with a basket stuffer.


Add rolled-up hand towels or washcloths.


Place your homemade DIY chocolate spa treatments into tightly sealed decorative jars, bottles or containers. Label each with a decorative sticker. You can create decorative labels with markers and craft paper and adhere them with glue. Carefully place your homemade DIY chocolate spa treatments in the basket.


Tuck in your spa accessories.


Stuff the gift basket full of Hershey’s chocolates or candies of your choice.


Add optional spa items, like nail polish or a candle. Optional: Wrap your basket in cellophane and tie it with a pretty ribbon or tulle.

More Ideas and Inspiration

When Easter rolls around, this Soothing Self-Care Spa Gift Basket is the perfect gift for somebunny special. Just swap out the chocolate bars for a box of CADBURY CREME EGG Milk Chocolate Eggs, a bag of CADBURY MINI EGGS Milk Chocolate Candy or any of your favorite Hershey’s Easter candies.