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Tween Gift Basket


Celebrate sweet moments in your tween’s life with a gift basket filled with lip-smacking Hershey’s treats and other trendy gifts. Whether you are searching for a party-perfect birthday gift or a sensational summer vacation gift basket, this tween gift basket will be a winner, even for kids who are tough to impress. Customize the basket to fit their personality using their favorite colors, treats and current interests. 



Fill the basket or container with basket stuffer.


Tuck in the sunglasses, water bottle and any other gifts they’ll love.


Stuff with their favorite Hershey’s candies.
Optional: Wrap with cellophane and tie with a colorful ribbon or bow.

More Ideas and Inspiration

Get the Easter party hoppin’ with a colorful DIY Easter basket that’s the perfect blend of grown-up with unexpected fun for your kids in that in-between stage. Hershey’s seasonal Easter bunnies take center stage, like a cool and creamy HERSHEY’S COOKIES ‘N’ CREME Polka Dot Bunny and some fun TWIZZLERS Easter Bunnies Cherry Candy.