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Drop anchor and discover PIRATE'S BOOTY Puffs, a collection of deliciously baked snacks made with real, tasty ingredients that are easy to pronounce and even easier to enjoy!

captain bob looking through a telescope with crunchy the parrot on his shoulder

Welcome to the Crew

We have been creating tasty treasures since 1987 with the belief you shouldn't have to snackrifice taste for goodness. So grab a bag and join Captain Bob and Crunchy the Parrot on a flavor-filled adventure! We're happy to have you aboard.

treasure chest overflowing with pirates booty aged white cheddar puffs
Pirate Puns

Peg Leg Pro: No more stubbing your toes.

Peg Leg Con: Beavers become your sworn enemies.

PIRATE'S BOOTY Frequently Asked Questions