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All our products start with the motto snacking without compromise. That is why we make the best tasting popcorn starting with a base of three simple ingredients: popcorn kernels, sunflower oil and salt.

bag of skinnypop cheddar jalapeno popped popcorn beside illustrated cheese wheel and jalapenos

SKINNYPOP Cheddar Jalapeño Popped Popcorn

Add a POP of jalapeño and real cheddar cheese to your snack time with SKINNYPOP Cheddar Jalapeño. Savor the zesty flavors in every bite of this gluten free, non-GMO popcorn.

Did You Know?

All SKINNYPOP products are whole grain, kosher, non-GMO and always gluten free.

friends sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a large bowl of skinnypop popcorn
See What's Popping

Say goodbye to compromise and hello to snacking without limits! Made with simple ingredients, SKINNYPOP Popcorn is perfectly popped and endlessly delicious.

Did You Know?

SKINNYPOP Popcorn was founded in 2010 with a mission to deliver simple and delicious snacks. The Hershey Company then proudly welcomed SKINNYPOP Popcorn to the family in 2018 and is continuing to do just that!

small pile of skinnypop popped popcorn
people eating and enjoying skinnypop popped popcorn on the couch

Make it a Movie Night

Recreate the magic of a night at the movies from the comfort of your couch! Grab a bag of SKINNYPOP Popcorn and pair with some REESE'S PIECES Candy or TWIZZLERS Twists for the ultimate movie night snack.

SKINNYPOP Frequently Asked Questions