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Back-to-school time can be overwhelming for your kids (and you)! But with the sweetest school supplies, easy morning breakfast recipes and fun ideas to help you prepare for the year ahead, you can channel your inner superhero and take on the challenges of back-to-school season.

Save the Day with Sweet Back-to-School Supplies

You’ve got pencils, notepads, binders and backpacks ready for the first day — step one is complete! Now it’s time to gather some of Hershey’s sweetest treats to pack in lunchboxes and sports bags.

Hershey’s snack-size chocolate and fruit-flavored candies are among the favorite back-to-school supplies. Grab a handful of these bite-sized treats and fill your best candy jars to the brim for an after-school treat. Without raiding the pantry, the kids will have an easy go-to snack to help them unwind after a long day of fighting crime — we mean, learning!

The start of the school year is the perfect time to get crafty. Commemorate their first-day smiles and excitement with this sweet school bus frame. Speaking of smiles, put a smile on their teacher’s face with a candy pencil gift, featuring ROLO® Chewy Caramels and HERSHEY’S HUGS Candy. This one is easy enough for little hands to help, and you’ve probably got all the supplies in your craft bin right now.

back to school photo frame craft
back to school rolo teacher pencil gift craft

Recipes Ready in a Flash

You have all the chocolaty, fruity-flavored back-to-school supplies ready, and now it’s time to prep for the first week of early morning breakfasts, afternoon snacks, lunches and desserts!

Early breakfasts no longer need to be the villain of getting the kids to school on time. Now, you can be the hero of morning breakfast with our out-of-this-world pancake hacks and simple recipes. Bake on-the-go muffins, a loaf of banana bread or enhance your pancakes to help boost your busy mornings.

The first day of school also calls for special lunchbox treats, right? A chocolaty midday surprise will put a smile on anyone’s face. Try crafting a sweet lunchbox message using HERSHEY’S HUGS and KISSES chocolates, along with a few crafty materials to show how much you care about your little hero. You can even go the classic route with homemade chocolate chip cookies made with HERSHEY’S milk chocolate chips. Add these gooey and delicious cookies to goodie bags for your kids to hand out to their teachers and classmates.

If you’re a hero of DIYs and crafts, create a back-to-school photo frame decorated with HERSHEY’S KISSES milk chocolate candy foils — yes, you and the kids can eat these chocolate morsels as you get your creative powers flowing. It’s the perfect way to commemorate an exciting first day of school!

lunch box notes

Flying Into the Year Ahead

From bake sale favorites and care packages to superhero crafts and special celebrations, you can fly into the school year feeling prepared.

Easy and shareable snacks are reaching headlines. They are perfect for extracurricular activities and bake sales. Try creating dipped TWIZZLERS candy by gently melting your favorite baking chips, then dipping individual Twists and covering them in rainbow sprinkles! From there, you can fill candy gift bags for soccer games, drama club auditions or choir practices. If you’re looking for a recipe with some peanut butter goodness, make crunchy REESE’S PIECES bars that you can bring to the next class bake sale.

twizzlers dipped strawberry twists

Now that your tikes are ready to hit the classroom, let’s not forget about our big kids heading off to college. Send your academic heroes of the classroom a college student care package to help them prep for the first semester. Fill it with everything from REESE’S peanut butter cups and KIT KAT® milk chocolate wafers to JOLLY RANCHER hard candies and ICE BREAKERS mints. If your college student is undecided heading into the first semester, they can attend REESE’S University! Acceptance is guaranteed and your child can reach new levels of peanut butter sweetness.

As the weeks go by, you’ll be handling this back-to-school thing like Wonder Woman or Superman. But when you need an unexpected gift or help with a special celebration, craft this superhero chocolate bar. A fun activity you can do with the kids turns into a quick-and-easy gift with loads of HERSHEY’S chocolate goodness. Although this craft is designed as a Father’s Day gift, you can create a superhero bar for anyone. Because chocolate is an everlasting favorite, right?

superhero chocolate bar crafts

Way to Go Super Hero!

Moms and dads, we salute you for being the best superhero you can be as you prepare for the school year. For more recipes and ideas, visit Hersheyland’s recipe and craft hub!

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Catherine Putt
Copywriter, Traveler, and Sustainability-Enthusiast
Catherine Putt
Copywriter, Traveler, and Sustainability-Enthusiast

Catherine Putt is a copywriter for The Hershey Company who also has a passion for sustainability and travel. After living in Sydney, Australia, for one year and exploring New Zealand for a month afterward, she realized her true appreciation for living a sustainable life, taking on new adventures and writing meaningful stories. She hopes to encourage you to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle no matter your journey.