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Celebrate Women Everyday

Women’s History Month, in March, reminds us of the importance of celebrating and recognizing women’s contributions to our lives. Here in Hersheyland we believe celebrating every SHE in your life shouldn’t be confined to a single month! SHE may be your mom, wife, sister, grandmother, daughter, or your doctor, best friend, professor, coach or manager. Whomever SHE is, celebrate her and her countless contributions in a way that’s meaningful! Whether that’s an elaborately planned event, baking her favorite recipe, or a simple heartfelt thank you, showing your appreciation doesn’t require a special occasion. This year HERSHEY’S is making that celebration a little bit sweeter with a limited-edition HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bar.  

Celebrating SHE isn’t just about showing the women in your life you care; it’s also a source of inspiration and motivation! Share your good vibes with the girls in your world, encouraging them to dream big and shoot for the stars. At its core, the HERSHEY’S CelebrateSHE campaign means every day is an opportunity to support, strengthen and celebrate women! 

HERSHEY'S is proud to support and inspire girls in 2022 by partnering with Girls on the Run, an organization pursuing joy, health, and confidence in young women across the country! So, share how you Celebrate all that SHE is with #CelebrateSHE.

Two women holding HERSHEY'S Bar in space

The SHE at the Center of HERSHEY'S

This year, HERSHEY'S is highlighting the SHE that's always been central to the beloved brand's iconic name by partnering with Girls on Run, a national/international non-profit organization to empower the next generation in communities.

Girls on the Run

2.1 million



Local Councils across the US and Canada


Programming Sites

Making a Difference for Girls

Girls on the Run envisions a world where all girls can know and activate their limitless potential and be free to boldly pursue their dreams. The program inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates movement.