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Hershey asked me to come up with a creative Halloween display for my front door and I decided to do it on a dime! I’m someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of money and was able to decorate my front door for under $20 and just loved the way it turned out!

If you are in the market for affordable outdoor Halloween decorations, this post will outline everything you need to know to turn your front door into a fun and festive seasonal entranceway.


●      (2) White Vinyl Table Clothes ($1) each

●      (1) Packet of construction paper ($1)

●      (1) Packet of Jumbo Googly Eyes ($3)

●      Pre-Cut Bat cut-outs ($7)

●      (3) spins of tulle from any dollar store (1 white, 1 orange, 1 black) ($3)

●      (3) Spider packs from any dollar store ($3)

I was able to get most of the supplies I needed from my local dollar store, but if you can find something similar at your favorite craft store, feel free to stock up wherever you feel comfortable. Please make adjustments as you see fit.

How to Create A Mummy Door For Halloween

In order to create a Halloween Mummy Door, you have to make sure that the wrapping you choose is not see-thru. To create this version, I actually went through several variations, testing tulle, ribbons and then finally settling on a white plastic table cloth.

The consistency of the plastic was exactly what I needed to block out my screen door. It will also work with a solid door should you not have an additional exterior door attached to the front of your house. 

A mummy is never portrayed as perfectly wrapped. So, don’t worry about cutting off the edges and keeping things clean cut. For this Halloween porch project, keep the trim rough. If you’d like to add some cobwebs around your border, feel free! Use clear tape to attach the strips and criss-cross the tablecloth pieces until your entire frame is covered - top to bottom. 

Add the eyes and create a mouth of your liking. It could be a mean scowl, a happy grin, or just a round circle. Up to you! 

For the above design, I took two black construction pieces and taped them together. It’s hard to tell that there are two pieces creating the oval unless you are standing right on top of the mummy. I thought it would be more interesting to have a larger mouth for the children to enjoy as they walk by on the street.

Supporting Spooky Characters

Naturally, you could just cover up your door and be done with it, but a mummy needs some ambiance, right? Spruce up the rest of your stoop with hanging and flying bats, creeping and crawling spiders, and a makeshift glittery cobweb.

You could always put out cotton cobwebs - those are loads of fun! But I opted for brightly colored ribbon and tulle to try to add a few pops of colors to my white banister. Either option would work.

A Socially Distanced Halloween

To make your goulish graveyard a bit sweeter, how about skipping the bowl of candy this year and instead create a fun and festive Halloween display using lollipop sticks and party bags? Last year, during COVID, my children experienced dozens of houses who opted for this choice and didn’t have to ring as many doorbells or come face to face with unfamiliar neighbors and I thought it was the nicest idea!

Grab snack size bites of HERSHEY’S milk chocolate, KIT KAT bars and REESE’S peanut butter cups and fill as many as you’d like into a party bag. Then tie them onto individual lollipop sticks. Press the sticks into the ground of your front lawn.

When the big day comes, grab a chair and watch and wave as the little ones pick out their favorite sticks from the ground. It will be so much fun to witness.

Out of all the houses we visited, my children remembered the ones that allowed them to pick their own Halloween flowers! I’m telling you - it’s a great way to have an enjoyable and socially distanced Halloween for the littles and still pass out some delicious Hershey candy.

Vera Sweeney
Vera Sweeney
Vera Sweeney

Mom of three and New York resident – is the founder of Lady and the Blog. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women keep their families well fed and entertained.