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The holidays are a time to spend with the people you love. But it can be easy to get caught up in the bustle and feel like you missed out. We’ve got some ideas to help you simplify your holidays, so you have more space to make sweet, lasting memories.

Our Top Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Your Holidays

It can feel like the holidays get more frantic every year.  Between family visits, office parties and the holiday bake sale (the one you forgot about until the morning of), you might find yourself sprinting through the season.
But every one of those things you’re running to and from has the potential to be a special holiday moment. That's why we've found some "holiday hacks" to turn your to-do list into moments you look forward to.  Try these tips to simpify your holiday and focus on fun.

Tip 1: Decorate early to kick the season off right.

How early is too early to start decorating?  While we may not have a real answer to this age-old question, we do know that the sooner you set up your space, the faster you'll get into the holiday spirit.  So, before all the commotion begins, turn on some classic carols and take some time for yourself to truly enjoy all the sparkle of the season.  Here are a few candy crafts you can try to transform your home into a winter wonderland!

HERSHEY'S KISSES Foil Snowflakes
If you're hoping to bring a bit of shimmer to your table setting, pick up a bag of HERSHEY'S KISSES Holiday Milk Chocolate Candies.  You'll have all the festive-colored foils you need, each one ready to be turned into table confetti or mini snowflake ornaments.

Candy Cane Sleighs
Make something extra for your dessert table this year.  Made with HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bars, HERSHEY'S Miniatures and HERSHEY'S Chocolate Mint Candy Canes, these clever candy sleighs look adorable and double as a party favor.

Sleigh craft

Tip 2: Go for easy, yet thoughtful gifts.

Still working on gifts the week before Christmas?  You're in good company!  Thankfully, we've found ways you can turn ordinary presents into something extra special.  So, put on your Santa hat and let the holiday magic begin.

Festive Chocolate Bars
When you don't have wrapping paper (or time)  to spare, print these free candy bar wrapper templates at home.  They're perfectly measured and show you where to glue, so you'll get a tidy finish every time.  Simply choose the candy bar your loved one enjoys most and dress it up for the occasion!

REESE'S Cup Reindeer Candy Canes
Delicious, simple and cute as can be! This reindeer candy cane craft, featuring REESES'S Holiday Milk Chocolate Miniatures Peanut Butter Cups Canes, googly eyes and toilet paper rolls, is easy to make and even easier to eat.  Get creative with the faces you draw on your little reindeer and watch their faces light up  when you deliver your baskets.

Reindeer craft
Hot cocoa bags

Homemade Holiday Hot Chocolate Bags
Bring on that cozy winter charm with these hot chocolate kits that look like snowmen and reindeer!  Using simple crafting supplies and delicious Hershey's ingredients, you won't believe how good these bags look and how great the drinks taste - with very little effort.

Homemade Treat Boxes
A small tin of something tasty is always a welcome gift for hosts, coworkers, teachers, and anyone else on your list.   And the best part is, you can fill lots of tins in one sitting, so you won't need to rush around searching for the ideal present for each person.  Some other ideas for bach-style gifts are:  cookie mix in a jar, homemade hot chocolate bombs and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Tip 3: Turn dessert-making into a family activity.

Like gift shopping, hosting a crowd can start to feel like a chore.  But if you include a few sweet activities at your next holiday party, your guest will have fun in interacting while making their own desserts.  Plus, you'll be free to join in on the fun!

Set Up a Dessert Decorating Station
If the family is gathering at your house this year, keep the kids busy with a dessert decorating station.  Whether you decide to prep cupcakes for them to top with their favorite candies or prep some ingredients for them to make their own holiday-themed desserts, they'll love getting creative .... and eating the results.

Keep it Cozy With a Hot Chocolate Bar 
Who doesn't love a warm drink on a cold day?  And when there are marshmallows and candy canes involved, that day is bound to be even better.  Instead of serving your guests formally, invite them to help themselves.  This casual setup can create a relaxed and cozy vibe that's perfect for quality family moments.

Hot cocoa tray

Don't be afraid of a holiday hack or two.

Doing it all yourself is awesome. But don’t feel like you have to! We’re here to help you have your best holiday season yet. However you celebrate, we hope these holiday hacks help you have a fun and stress-free celebration. Because the most important part is to make nice memories and spread some heartwarming cheer.

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