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The Hershey Company is taking a giant leap forward in reducing our environmental footprint by signing two renewable energy agreements to help us achieve our 2030 goal of reducing emissions by 50%.

In Camden, North Carolina, we are constructing the first utility-scale solar farm on 218 acres. In Denton, Texas, we signed a new power purchase agreement for the construction of the Noble Solar Project. Both solar projects will generate clean power and reduce Hershey's CO2 footprint by 115,650 metric tons each year. The projects support our science-based targets commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Why Convert to Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source that doesn’t require extraction from the Earth. In fact, solar electric power produces zero emissions unlike other fuel sources like gas. The sun’s energy is limitless and can be accessed nearly anywhere in the world, even your own backyard.What Can You Do?One of the best ways to improve your sustainability efforts is to incorporate eco-friendly habits one at a time. Making massive changes all at once can be overwhelming (we all feel this), but when you focus on single changes, you’ll find the process a bit more enjoyable.

As a Hershey consumer, you too can get involved in solar power technology, such as:·       

  • Solar water heaters·      
  • Outdoor solar lights·       
  • Solar electronic devices·       
  • Solar panels

The impacts of converting to solar power can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. With a single solar panel at your home, you can eliminate tons of carbon emissions per year.W

hat other ways can you lessen your carbon footprint? Start bringing a reusable coffee cup to your favorite café, purchase mesh produce bags to take to the grocery store or swap out your paper towels for reusable cloths.

We’re In It Together

With our continuous journey to reduce carbon emissions and incorporate more sustainable practices, we encourage you to do the same. Small changes add up over time — so, let’s all take part in switching to solar energy where possible!

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Catherine Putt
Copywriter, Traveler, and Sustainability-Enthusiast
Catherine Putt
Copywriter, Traveler, and Sustainability-Enthusiast

Catherine Putt is a copywriter for The Hershey Company who also has a passion for sustainability and travel. After living in Sydney, Australia, for one year and exploring New Zealand for a month afterward, she realized her true appreciation for living a sustainable life, taking on new adventures and writing meaningful stories. She hopes to encourage you to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle no matter your journey.