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Mother’s Day is here again. And if you’re stuck wondering what to do this year, here’s our advice, give from your heart. Fresh flowers are nice, but personalized Mother’s Day gifts are one-of-a-kind. 

Makeup Bag

Whether you’re searching for the mom who has everything, a new mom, mom-to-be, grandmother or anyone in between, here are some DIY Mother’s Day Gift ideas you can make special for any special mother.

Serve up Mom’s favorite treats

Whether she frequently makes a signature dish or it just happens to be her favorite morsel, it’ll taste even sweeter because you made it yourself. Find Mom’s old family recipe or make her a Mother’s Day brunch and show her just how sweet she raised you to be.

What about the mom who doesn’t let anyone else in the kitchen? Stock up her supplies! Make a gift set with new baking bowls and fill them with her go-to ingredients like chocolate chips and cocoa. Print out and put together new recipes she can try to broaden her love for delicious creations.

Make a time capsule together

Are you a mother yourself? Give this new tradition a try! Create a time capsule with multiple generations, including your mom and your children to be created, stashed, and opened providing a fun reason to get together and enjoy the moments of the past. This is also a great surprise Mother’s Day gift you can make for a new mom or mom-to-be.

There are plenty of ways you can make a time capsule, but here’s how you can make it an activity the family enjoys together.

Choose the capsule. 

Pick an air-tight container you will all put your items in. This can be a box, mason jar or any sturdy container with a lid.

Collect a list of certain items from each person. 

Have your mom, yourself and your child provide favorite photos, fashion trends, snacks, whatever you want! As you each place the items in your capsule, share why you choose them.

Write letters to each other. 

These can be words of advice, a list of what you love about one another, or a chance to say thank you. Don’t share any of these letters out loud or to each other! They will be read next time you visit the time capsule.

Plan a date to all open it together.

You can hide or bury the time capsule someplace no one can open it again until you’re ready. Then as a family, decide on a date you’ll revisit the time capsule. It could be a year or 20 years! Maybe it can be a Mother’s Day tradition you do every five years. You’ll be surprised how much things change the next time you open it up.

Treat her to a little T.L.C.

Who couldn’t use some extra pampering here and there? Give your mom the deluxe treatment without having to shell out big bucks for high-end spas. Surprise her with a Mother’s Day candy makeup bag. Fill it with extra goodies like a scented candle, essential oils and her favorite Hershey treats. Then make your own luxurious masks and scrubs with our DIY Chocolate Spa treatments.

Host a movie night with Mom

There was a time when you’d all sit together as a family and have a movie night. It may have been a while since just you and Mom have had a chance to relax and catch the latest blockbuster. So host a movie marathon complete with games and snacks. Revisit her favorite movies, share some new laughs and maybe even a few good tears.

Wishing a heart-filled Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

We’re thankful for all the powerful, strong mothers who have raised us. We hope you celebrate with your families all of the special mothers in your life.