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Snack Brands

Snack time is what you make it, and Hershey has plenty of satisfying selections. It can be morning protein bar when you're headed out or a handful of popcorn while staying in. Crunchy, salty, sweet or savory. We have something for you!

Discover Hershey's Snacking Brands

Graze. Nibble. Snack. Fuel. We have just what you need no matter how you decide to do your snacking.

dots homestyle pretzels brand tile

Each pretzel twist is as savory and tasty as the last! DOT'S HOMESTYLE PRETZELS ups your snacking game with bold, powerful, flavors and top-secret coatings.

skinnypop brand tile

Premium popcorn kernels dusted with sunflower oil make for Pure Popped Perfection®. We do popcorn, you do you. Explore all the flavors SKINNYPOP popcorn has to offer.

pirates booty brand tile

Ahoy, mateys! Drop that anchor and discover the fun and tastiness PIRATE'S BOOTY snacks has to offer! Always gluten free, never fried and seriously delicious.

one brands brand tile

Look no further, you've found the "one." Explore ONE Bars, protein-packed snacks that are powerfully delicious and nutritious.

fulfil brand tile

Each FULFIL Bar contains 15g of protein, 8 vitamins and 1g of sugar, making it the ideal fuel for your everyday adventures.

bag of reeses popcorn poured into large bowl
REESE'S Popcorn

Are you ready for REESE’S Popcorn to pop into your snack routine? This fluffy treat is drizzled with smooth peanut butter & milk chocolate and great for movie night or keeping all for yourself.

bowls full of popcorn and assorted salty and sweet toppings
How to Make Homemade Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

There is no better sweet and salty combination than trail mix, and we're here to help you make your own. Check out these tips and tricks on how to make the best trail mix just for you.

Make It a Movie Night

Streaming a movie or TV show? We've got the sweet and salty snacks and activity inspiration for the perfect experience!