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TWIZZLERS Rainbow Jewelry Craft


Whether you’re creating a summer busy bag or a classroom activity, this delightful DIY craft combines the colorful beauty of rainbows with the deliciousness of TWIZZLERS Twists Rainbow Candy. Children can string together a rainbow-inspired bracelet or necklace through this interactive craft that encourages fine motor skills and imagination. Let your child’s style shine bright like a rainbow with this irresistibly fun and scrumptious jewelry-making experience!

You'll Need

  • Jewelry box, bento box or organizer bin
  • Kid-safe scissors or plastic knife
  • 0.80-1 mm nylon or elastic jewelry cord or lacing
  • Clipboard or tape(optional)
  • Bamboo skewers to poke holes in the candy, if needed (optional)


craft supplies and candy spread out on counter top

Gather your supplies. Ensure your organizer bin is clean and ready to hold your TWIZZLERS jewelry "gems".

filling jewelry box with cut up candy pieces

Using a pair of scissors, cut the TWIZZLERS Twists Rainbow Candy into half-inch pieces (they don't have to be exact!) and place them by color in the organizer bin. 


You can do these steps beforehand or have the organization and cutting be part of the activity! Younger children can use a plastic knige, and older kids can use scissors to cut the candy pieces. 

filled jewelry box beside spool of jewelry cord

Cut the jewelry cord to the desired length for necklaces or bracelets. The easiest way to measure is to wrap the desired size on your child’s neck or wrist and add 2-3 inches for tying.

threading the jewelry cord with cut up rainbow candy pieces

To keep your candy gems from slipping off the end of the cord, tie a knot around the first piece, or use a clipboard clip or tape the cord to a place mat to hold the craft in place.

finished jewelry necklace spread out on counter top

Use a pre-threaded plastic needle for easy threading.


If you have trouble opening the hole in the center of the candies, use the needle or bamboo skewer to open them up.


String the TWIZZLERS Candy pieces to create dazzling edible jewelry, or teach your child patterns and colors with our printable pattern sheets!

Ideas & Inspiration

This fun craft is perfect for 2-3 children. But if you’re making these for a class or a party of 4 children or more, grab a TWIZZLERS Twists Rainbow Candy tub. Add chunky texture and fun to your necklaces with marshmallows or TWIZZLERS Bites Cherry Flavored Candy, which already has holes built right in! Need clever holiday crafts? Make Halloween jewelry from TWIZZLERS Twists Black Licorice Candy and TWIZZLERS Twists Peach Flavored Candy. Use pastel colors from the TWIZZLERS Twists Rainbow Candy for Easter, and decorate your jewelry to match your Easter eggs!