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Valentine’s Day Exchange Card Box & Printable Cards


One of the best parts of exchanging valentines is customizing a sweet valentine exchange box to hold love notes and candy. Search your pantry to find and repurpose an empty HERSHEY'S Cocoa container to create a welcoming Valentine’s Day mailbox using the downloadable templates or designing something unique from scratch. Double the creativity and save time and money with by using our custom, printable valentine exchange cards to gift with candy.

You'll Need



valentines day exchange card box step one

Valentine's Day Exchange Card Box: Wipe the inside of your HERSHEY’S Cocoa container with a damp paper towel.

valentines day exchange card box step two

Remove the lid. Using a utility knife, carefully cut a rectangle in the lid for the mail slot. Use the rectangular bevel around the word HERSHEY’S as your guide.

valentines day exchange card box step three

If using one of our printable design templates, use markers or crayons to personalize the design.

valentines day exchange card box step four

Cut out the design. Wrap it around the container and secure it with tape.

valentines day exchange card box step five

Customize and decorate with other craft supplies and don't forget to add your name!

printable valentines day cards craft step six

Valentine's Day Exchange Printable Cards: Print out the cards. We recommend using cardstock to give it some strength when the chocolate is attached.


Fill in the “To” and “From” using markers or crayons.


Cut out each card.


Make a donut of tape and affix the chocolate to the center of the card.

Ideas & Inspiration

Need to finish the rest of your HERSHEY’S Cocoa first? Make some mugs of HERSHEY’S Perfectly Chocolate Hot Cocoa or a batch of HERSHEY’S Doubly Chocolate Cookies.

Have a favorite Hershey Candy? These treats can fit on your cards, too: