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Quick and Easy

Simple Chocolate Coating


45 minutes
Skill Level
About 1 cup

Grab a bag of your favorite HERSHEY'S chocolate chips, whether its HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK, semi-sweet or milk chocolate. Once you gently melt down 2 cups of chocolate chips and add a bit of shortening, you can create a homemade, savory chocolate coating to make dozens of delicious desserts. Bake chocolaty truffles and chocolate covered strawberries or drizzle this decadent coating over cakes and cookies. You’ll be scraping the bowl for every last delicious ounce!

Ingredients & Directions

Prep Time
45 minutes




Equipment Needed 
Tray Tray
Heat-Proof Bowl Heat-Proof Bowl
Rubber Scraper Rubber Scraper
Fork Fork
Candy Mold (Optional) Candy Mold

Cover tray with wax paper.


Place chocolate chips and shortening in medium heat-proof bowl. In separate large heat-proof bowl, put very warm water (100° to 110° F) to 1-inch depth. Carefully place bowl with chocolate into bowl with water; water should come halfway up side of chocolate bowl.


Stir chocolate and shortening constantly with dry rubber scraper until chocolate and shortening are melted and mixture is smooth. *Do NOT get water in bowl with chocolate. (If water cools, replace it with very warm water as directed above; water temperature is important to success). Remove chocolate bowl from inside water bowl.


Slow melting is the key.


With fork, dip chilled centers into chocolate mixture, one at a time; gently tap fork on edge of bowl to remove excess chocolate.** Invert coated center on prepared tray; swirl small amount of melted chocolate on top to cover fork marks; let stand until firm. Store candies loosely covered in cool, dry place. Coating for 4 dozen centers.

* If water or moisture gets into chocolate, it can seize and tighten. As an emergency measure, only, stir in additional shortening, 1/2 teaspoonful at a time, just until chocolate is fluid again.

** If chocolate mixture cools below 84°F, return bowl with chocolate into bowl with warm water. Chocolate is best for coating between 84° and 88°F.

Chocolate Candy In Molds: Melt chocolate with shortening as directed above; remove bowl from inside water bowl. Spoon chocolate mixture into plastic candy molds; let stand until firm. Invert molds over prepared tray; tap candy from molds onto tray. Store as directed above. About 4 dozen 1x1-1/2 inch candies.

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