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How to Make Valentine's Gift Baskets

What better way to express your love on Valentine’s Day than with a chocolate-filled gift basket? Whether you’re pulling together items for your kids, sweetheart or besties on Galentine’s Day, a love for chocolate spans all ages and loved ones, making it a thoughtful gift choice.

1. Choose a Basket

You’re probably already an Easter gift eggs-pert, so take that creativity and apply it to a new holiday. You can go simple with a traditional woven basket (they won’t be expecting one in February!) or assemble your gift using a unique container. You can even swap Easter grass for artificial rose petals! Here are a couple of nontraditional basket ideas to get you started:

  • Baking Basket: Try using a new mixing bowl or serving bowl as your “basket.” It’s a practical item that can be used for years and will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys whipping up desserts in the kitchen.
  • Cup of Candy: Fill a reusable water bottle or HERSHEY’S Plastic Tumbler Cup with Straw with their favorite Hershey Candy. Get creative with small add-ins like stickers, slap bracelets or gift cards for warmer weather activities.
  • Winter Warm-Up: A large mug makes a gift that can be filled with packets of homemade hot chocolate mix, using a combination of powdered milk, powdered sugar, HERSHEY’S Cocoa and a dash of salt.
  • You’ve Got Mail: This special delivery doesn’t need to travel far. Re-create the traditional Valentine’s Day exchange at home by setting everyone up with a mailbox. Create your own using a shoebox or tissue box. The kids can get in on the fun by making their own Valentine’s Day cards and candy crafts to share. Stretch the fun for a few more days as you sneak treats in their boxes when they’re not looking.

2. Choose the Treats

Building a memorable Valentine’s Day gift basket is all about personalization ... and candy and chocolate, of course! Find the perfect assortment of treats and treasures that will make your friends and loved ones smile.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries are a romantic classic that can be appreciated by anyone. And they’re easier to make than you might think! See our recipe that outlines the steps of how to make chocolate-covered strawberries. You can even set them up on skewers with a foam base to create a bouquet appearance in your basket.
  • Using simple craft supplies, you can turn candy into adorable little love bugs! This craft is ideal for kids’ baskets and shows just how much time, thought and love you’ve put into the gift.

Sprinkle in some fun-sized Valentine’s Day candy to make your creations pop.

A few great options include:

Not sure what to put in your Valentine’s Day basket? Include a chocolate candy box assortment! HERSHEY’S POT OF GOLD boxes come in a few different varieties you can choose from and look beautiful in their gift-ready boxes.

3. Deliver the Basket

You’ve put the perfect present together, and now it’s time to deliver. Like an Easter basket, you can put it in the family room. If you’re gifting your basket to a neighbor, leave it on their porch for them to find. For kids, try leaving your basket on their dresser for a wake-up surprise. For Galentine’s Day gift baskets, plan a much-needed brunch with your best friend and bring the basket with you.

What will your new Valentine’s Day tradition be? However you celebrate this year, make sure you tell your friends and family, “I LOVE YOU!”