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Valentine’s Day is all about love, including the endless love you have for your kids! They are most definitely special someones in your life, so show them how much you care with a little surprise. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift to wake up to or goodie bags for classroom exchanges or Valentine’s Day parties, we’ve got fun ways to give Valentine’s Day candy.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

When your heart is full of love, a chocolate-filled gift basket is the perfect treat! You can leverage the years of experience you have creating Easter baskets and apply it to a new holiday.

1. Choose a basket:

Opt for a traditional woven basket or make the container part of the gift, like a water bottle or winter hat stuffed with goodies.

2. Fill with candy and gifts:

Find the perfect assortment of treats and treasures that will make your kiddos smile. Pair REESE’S Peanut Butter Hearts with a heart-shaped stuffed animal or combine HERSHEY’S KISSES Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Candies with a volcano science kit! Balance out all the goodies with a bright red apple or tangerine and some salty, crunchy snacks.

3. Deliver the basket:

Like an Easter basket, you can leave it on their dresser for a wake-up surprise or place it in the living room for opening after breakfast!

How to Make Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Building a memorable Valentine’s Day gift basket is all about personalization with the things your kid loves most ... plus candy and chocolate, of course! Get creative and be ready for warm hugs of appreciation.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Goodie Bags

A bit smaller than a full-fledged gift basket, goodie bags offer kids a variety of sweet treats and trinkets. They’re easy to assemble in bulk for handing out to kids in your neighborhood or your child’s classroom. And anyone would like to take one of these home as a party favor after a Valentine’s Day celebration!

1. Choose the bag or container:

A classic choice is a cellophane bag tied with ribbon so the kids can preview their goodies. Or get creative with paper cups or paper bags decorated with hearts.

2. Pick your treats:

Toss in a handful of HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Candies, KIT KAT® Valentine’s Raspberry Creme Miniatures Candy Bars or classic Hershey Valentine’s Hearts.

3. Include some little gifts:

Pick out some small trinkets to include with the chocolate like heart-shaped erasers, stickers, temporary tattoos or friendship bracelets.

4. Add a cute Valentine craft:

Combine candy and gifts with a sweet, simple Valentine’s Day craft like Heart Pencil Toppers or HERSHEY’S KISSES Candy Roses.

How to Make Valentine's Day Goodie Bags

In addition to Valentine’s Day goodie bags, cards are a classic choice for classroom exchanges.  Repurpose a HERSHEY’S Cocoa container to hold all the sweet notes from your child’s friends!

How to Gift Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate, but don’t forget the chocolate inside decadent dessert recipes! Instead of traditional chocolate and toys, you can share special treats with your kids and loved ones.

Looking for a sweet gift to send to loved ones who aren’t within hugging distance for Valentine’s Day? Here are some tips on how to package and ship cookies to ensure they arrive fresh!

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