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Looking for ways to spruce up your next family birthday party with kids? Here are a few simple solutions that are easy to incorporate and are certain to wow the crowd. 

Research shows that 48% of all occasions involve snacking. That makes complete sense because my favorite parts of a party are always the beginning and the end - appetizers and desserts. I can guarantee that I’m not alone. So, let’s break down a few simple ways Hershey candy can help you amp up your celebration!

birthday party snack tray

Incorporate Snacks as Part of Your Decor

When you are decorating your tablescape, don’t forget to include a few treats sprinkled throughout. I love to put candy dishes filled with individually wrapped items, such as HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates or ALMOND JOY candy. You could also take a handful of your favorite treats and toss them around like confetti, adding an extra layer of decor to your tablecloth. This makes it easy for your guests to get ahold of something sweet while they’re seated. Double bonus! 

candy bar selection

Create A Candy Bar

A candy bar is a simple way to allow your guests to create their own goody bags. Use mismatched glass jars you currently own or head to your local dollar store to stock up on your preferred styles. Then fill up each jar with candy such as:

When you are creating your candy table, be sure to provide baggies with ties to your guests. You could also opt for Tupperware or mason jars as objects used to fill; anything you’re comfortable with your guests taking home!

Make it a game!

Give each child 45 seconds to fill their bag and see just how much they can take home in the allotted time. Just make sure you have enough candy to refill because kids love to play games and win!

birthday party pictures from around the table

Decorate Your Own Cupcakes

What a great way to give your guests full creative licensing to do what they want with their desserts! Instead of offering pre-decorated cupcakes to the children at your birthday party, allow them to design their own sweet treat. 

I picked up these plastic art pallets online and they came in handy for this craft project. You can fill in each section with goodies like sprinkles, HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates, KIT KAT Minis, YORK Peppermint Patties, REESE’S PIECES candies, and more! The options are endless. 

When the kids are done decorating their treats, they can chow down on their masterpiece and then make a new design for their parents when they are ready for more fun. It’s a win-win! 

Get The Entire Family Involved

At a family party, no one misses out on the fun! Cousins and aunts of every age should help the littles out with their creations. In fact, it should be encouraged. The messier the hands, the better! 

grandparents sitting at the table and smiling

Pre-make Dessert for Non-Creative Family Members

You have to assume that not everyone will want to tap into their creativity, and that’s okay! When putting out your pre-made dessert trays, consider options that also enhance your table decor.  

cupcake tower on the table

A tri-level tray is such a simple way to offer up treats while displaying party accessories - without taking up a lot of space.

Bake A Special Cake

Treat your guest of honor to a candy-filled day of their dreams, snack, craft, and enjoy all the sweetness of their special moment. For my son, that meant a cupcake cake! 

You have to pay attention to the guest of honor and provide special little details that only they will love. My son happens to love cupcakes and I knew that he would get a kick out of a cupcake cake. It would have been easier to make a simple sheet cake, of course! But I knew that my cupcake surprise would really be worth it for him. 

Think about what your child will enjoy and add it to the list of things to do on their big day. Find ways to celebrate simple things with family and friends and make those memories together!

birthday bow blowing out candles
Vera Sweeney
Vera Sweeney
Vera Sweeney

Mom of three and New York resident – is the founder of Lady and the Blog. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women keep their families well fed and entertained.