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The History of Snacking Chocolate

Established in 2013, barkTHINS bridges the gap between indulgent chocolate and everyday snacking. It’s why we created our very own category: Snacking Chocolate. And there is only one true snacking chocolate. Hint, hint… It’s barkTHINS, the delicious dark chocolate filled with your favorite wholesome ingredients that’s specifically designed for you to snack on. 

Inspired by chocolate-covered treats sampled on a trip to Germany, barkTHINS took simple ingredients like nuts, fruit, and pretzels and combined them with delicious fair trade dark chocolate and a touch of sea salt. The jagged bark pieces are perfect for a mid-day snack, an afternoon bite, or a nibble at an evening get-together. Oh, and they’re also perfect pretty much any other time of day as well. 

Everyone wants to feel good about their choices, especially when it comes to what you eat. Whether you begin each day on the spin bike or are simply being a little more mindful of how you snack, the reassurance of making better choices is important. barkTHINS brings that mindset into everyday snacking by providing a chocolate truly designed for the occasion. We continue to explore the delicious snacking possibilities that are out there, and we can’t wait for you to try what barkTHINS brings you next.

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