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Mmmm, S'mores. The classic ooey, gooey treat with three simple ingredients and dozens of sweet memories to be had. Over the fire or in a kitchen, anywhere you and your family find one another is a great time to live the #SmoresLife!

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Your Summer #SmoresLife Soundtrack

Every #SmoresLife has a vibe. What’s yours? Design the perfect “snack-track” for your S'mores moments with our unique S'more and song pairings.

Classic S'mores Flavor. Delicious New Recipes.

parent and child enjoying a smore

Who's Ready for S'mores?

Discover sweet ways to savor S'mores moments with S'mores tips and tricks on the grill, over the campfire or even in the air fryer!

Living Your Best #SmoresLife

The best S'mores moments are made up of smiles, laughter and memories, all smooshed between the graham crackers. What do S'mores moments look like at your house? Share your #SmoresLife on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured here!