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Mmmm, S’mores. The classic ooey, gooey treat with three ingredients and dozens of sweet memories. You know those moments. There’s laughter in the air, a glow from the campfire, and someone hands you a mouthwatering combination of HERSHEY’S Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. Life is good. That’s #SmoresLife. Over the fire or in a skillet, anywhere you and your family find one another is a great time to make a S’mores moment!

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Anatomy of a S'more

Deconstructed S'mores

Graham Crackers

The building blocks of every S'more. Make sure you have lots of graham crackers to get that all amazing crunch!



The ooey, gooey center of every S’more, toasted to your preference. Burnt or golden brown?


HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate

What makes a S’more a S’more. HERSHEY’S Chocolate is the essential ingredient to sweeten your treat.

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S’more & Song Pairings

Every #SmoresLife has a vibe. What’s yours? Explore our unique list of S’mores combinations and music compilations to design the perfect “snack-track” for your S’mores moments.

Enjoy S’more of Each Other

No stress, and just the right amount of mess, S’mores have a way of bringing people together. And no one ever minds if you’ve got a little marshmallow on your face!

Living Your Best #SmoresLife

The best S’mores moments are made up of smiles, laughter and memories, all smooshed between the graham crackers. What do S’mores moments look like at your house? Share your #SmoresLife on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured here!