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Brownies are always a welcome surprise! But you can do better than a regular old recipe. Upgrade your everyday brownie recipes with these scrumptious ideas using Hershey pantry staples. With these fun takes on brownies, the only limit is your imagination.

Top These Brownie Recipes

Chewy, fudgey and (most importantly) chocolatey, brownies are a perfect dessert. But they could always be even better! A classic brownie batter is the base for these incredibly fun, incredibly delicious baking projects. Make them for an afternoon with the family or as a homemade gift for any occasion.

Here are four of our favorite upgraded brownie recipes with toppings:

1. HERSHEY’S Triple Chocolate Brownies

HERSHEY’S Triple Chocolate Brownies

There’s something really special about brownies with toppings. The contrast between the chewy base and the smooth frosting makes them even more decadent. (You didn’t hear it from us, but frosting can also hide any imperfections in an overdone edge piece!) These easy topped brownies are triple the chocolate thanks to a creamy cocoa frosting and a sprinkling of HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Chips.


2. REESE’S Rocky Road Brownies

REESE’S Rocky Road Brownies

You’ve heard of warm brownies with a scoop of ice cream … get ready for brownies with an ice cream flavor! Inspired by the perfect blend of snacks in rocky road, these topped brownies boast a heaping helping of mini marshmallows, chopped peanuts and REESE’S PIECES Candy. Throw on some REESE’S Baking Cups to make it really extraordinary.


3. Chocolate Brownie Pops

Chocolate Brownie Pops

Think outside the square! This recipe turns a pan of your favorite brownies into pops you can share. Melted HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Chips become the smooth outer shell. (They also have the important job of keeping the balls on their lollipop sticks!) These delightful desserts can be personalized for any occasion with sprinkles or white creme in coordinating colors.


4. HERSHEY’S Brownie Cake

HERSHEY’S Brownie Cake

This take on brownies is truly a masterpiece! Experience a whipped cocoa topping between two layers of brownie, drizzled with melted HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Chips … then sprinkled with more for good measure. This recipe will wow all guests (and they’ll never know that it was so easy to make). Make this for a brownie-lover’s birthday in place of the usual cake!


Try these brownie upgrades today.

The classic taste of brownies makes everything better. And the right toppings can make even the best brownies better. Try these variations the next time you make brownies. Topped brownies are a fun activity for a day of baking together, and any of these recipes would make a splendid gift for friends and neighbors. For more ideas about how to upgrade your favorite desserts, check out our full collection of Hershey recipes and dessert ideas.