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Your friends and family are all different — don’t they all deserve a special cake for their birthday? Here are four of our favorite tips to make their cake extra special. Because nothing says happy birthday like a homemade cake!

Forget store-bought cakes and cupcakes: A birthday celebration calls for something as unique as the person blowing out the candles. In this blog you'll find some inspiration for how to bake and decorate your cake to make it extra special. Try these ideas on a store-bought cake — or earn your bragging rights by making the whole thing from scratch! Whatever you do, they’ll be able to taste the love.

Here are just a few of our favorite Hershey birthday cake recipes and baking tips:

1. Bake In the Love

Bake In the Love

A fun way to elevate the classic birthday cupcake is to bake something special in the center. Like HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk Chocolate Candy. The melted chocolate inside will be a delicious surprise for the birthday celebrant. Tip: Keep with the theme by adding your leftover candy on top for a sweet decoration.


2. The More the Merrier

The More the Merrier

A shrine to all things sweet sounds like our kind of cake. Here we've used KIT KAT® Bars as a cake siding and topped it off with some of our favorite Hershey candy like HERSHEY'S HUGS Milk Chocolate in White Creme and ROLO® Caramels in Rich Chocolate. The best part is you can personalize this to your friend’s faves. Imagine a cake with JOLLY RANCHER Jelly Beans or TWIZZLERS Rainbow Twists!


3. To Sprinkle, or Not to Sprinkle

To Sprinkle, or Not to Sprinkle

Minimalist cakes are proof that sometimes less is more! You can try this trend by playing with sprinkles. The result is an elegant yet playful cake that’s picture-perfect, too. Here we've lined only the sides of the cake and intentionally left the top blank. You can also use the free space for candies, candles or a fun message.


4. Think Outside the Frosting Can

Think Outside the Frosting Can

When decorating a birthday cake, you’re not limited to just frosting. Coating it in a chocolate ganache drip is a simple way to take your cake up a notch. And you don’t need to be an expert baker to get a fancy result — because gravity’s on your side! We tried it on this extravagant Chocolate Peanut Butter Drip Cake (topped with REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups Minis, of course).

Make their birthday special with Hershey.

Let’s face it: Your friends and family have personalities that can’t fit on a birthday card. So instead of trying to say it all in writing, say it with the time and care it takes to bake a cake! These quick tips are perfect for adding a personal touch to birthday cakes — and they work with any of our cake and cupcake recipes.