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OOOOH, Fancy!

ICE BREAKERS Mints & Gum with cooling flavor crystals? Now that’s just the right amount of fancy.

OOOOH, Fancy!
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Hooray For Team USA!

Get in the spirit of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with cool & refreshing ICE BREAKERS ICE CUBES Snow Cone Flavored Gum & Mints.

Ice Breakers Coolness in your Pocket

Coolness In Your Pocket

Bring that refreshingly cool flavor along for the ride. ICE BREAKERS ICE CUBES Gum Thin Packs fit in any purse, pouch or pocket for when you need a burst of cool on the go.

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About ICE BREAKERS Mints & Gum

What makes ICE BREAKERS Mints and Gum so fresh? Explore the brands history and FAQs about the mints and gum that make mouths smile.