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bag of jolly rancher gummies sour awesome reds candy

JOLLY RANCHER Gummies Sour Awesome Reds

New this year, unleash bold fruit-flavor and sourness in every bite with these new JOLLY RANCHER gummies. Taste all the best red flavors with a sour twist in cherry, watermelon, strawberry, fruit punch and pomegranate.

Did You Know?

JOLLY RANCHER Candy got its start in 1949 at the JOLLY RANCHER Company, founded 
by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen of Golden, Colorado. The hard candies joined The Hershey 
Company in 1996, and since then we’ve added lollipops, gummies and more!

jolly rancher original flavors hard candy beside a cluster of grapes

JOLLY RANCHER Frequently Asked Questions