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JOLLY RANCHER Gummies + Beautify Earth

Our colorful partnership with Beautify Earth unites bold flavor with equally bold pack graphics for a multisensory snacking experience. Meet the artists behind our limited edition JOLLY RANCHER Gummies pack designs.

Available in-stores through September!

mural of hands holding onto one another surrounded by birds

Making the World a Brighter Place

Beautify Earth is a creative agency partnering with brands and local artists to connect the world with art through murals, packaging, and digital storytelling. For over 10 years, Beautify Earth has committed to making art an everyday experience for all by beautifying cities one wall at a time.

The Hershey Company invited three artists to showcase their unique artistic flavor on the packs of our bold, juicy JOLLY RANCHER Gummies.

Meet the Artists

Selecting one talented street artist from New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, The Hershey Company found the perfect trio to create “absurdly flavorful” designs for the JOLLY RANCHER packs.

Evan Farrell, aka KidWiseman, is an LA-based world-renowned artist who created his brand to inspire young creatives. His signature is his emblematic mask and high-energy designs, bright colors and good vibes. His pack design features vibrant shapes and patterns that give the JOLLY RANCHER Fruit Crew a world of fun to play in.

Visit the Mural: 200 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Danielle is a NYC-based muralist with 10 years of experience creating eye-catching public artwork around the globe. Danielle's work highlights social justice, specifically women's rights and youth education. In her pack design, she paired the bold colors of the candy with lilies and hibiscus flowers for a complete sensory experience.

Visit the Mural: 200 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010

Joe Starkweather

Location: Miami

grape characters forming a hot air balloon with a blue raspberry character in the basket

Joe (Works of Stark) is a Miami-based muralist, hand letterer and graffiti artist who’s created eye-popping public art for 25 years. He’s even planned and painted large-scale art projects for Starbucks and Disney, just to name a few. His pack design features the JOLLY RANCHER Fruit Crew doing what they do best: riding waves of flavor!

Visit the Mural: 2401 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

mural of several abstract faces

Check out a Mouthwatering Mural Near You

See how our artists have made JOLLY RANCHER Gummies larger than life with murals in Miami, Los Angeles, and NYC! Now get out there and find one (or all!) of these mouthwatering murals that make the perfect backdrop to liven up that Insta grid. Grab your crew, some JOLLY RANCHER Gummies and take a flavor ride road trip to a mural near you!