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No matter what team, sport, age or score, sports have a way of bringing people together. And when people come together to celebrate, they come hungry! We’ve gone through our playbook of favorite decorating and snack-making moves to turn up any sports party. Whether you’re tailgating, watching the big game, or hosting a kid’s birthday party, you’ll be sure to win everyone over.

Fuel up your players with these sports snacks

You don’t have to run drills to make these sports-themed snacks. We’ve put together grabbable, snackable, delicious treats you can easily serve up.

The MVP of cakes

It would be a party- and game- foul to have a store-bought cake when you can show off one of these cheer-worthy sports decorated cakes. Watching the game or celebrating a sports themed birthday party will feel even more like a special team-bonding moment when you can take a ceremonial bite of a Hershey Gridiron Cake or Hershey Basketball Court Cake together.

Gridiron Cake

Sport your team colors

One easy way to make a sports party feel more themed, is to rep your team colors. Whether it’s your official pro team or your kids’ softball league, find plates, balloons and dress up in the perfect shade to show off your pride. While you’re at it, grab a bag of HERSHEY'S KISSES Chocolates in your team colors!

Sports party games everyone can play

What’s a sports party without a little sport? If you don’t have a baseball field or basketball court close by, or are looking for some simple games the whole family can play, here are some easy and fun ideas that don’t require a lot of practice:

Relay Race

It’s our take on the egg relay race, without the high yolk risk. You’ll need a spoon and a bag of REESE'S PIECES Candies. Sprinkle the same amount of candy into each team’s spoon and let the races begin! Each member has to race to the finish line, turn around and pass the spoon to the next teammate without spilling any Reese’s Pieces. (Or eating!)

Sports Trivia

Put those die-hard fans to the test. And make up a sports trivia game. You can assign teams or let everyone play free agent. If you’re playing with little ones, it could be going over different positions and terms from the sports they play or like.

Bucket Toss

Grab a few buckets or bigger bowls (that aren’t delicate) and place them at different heights or spots in a room. Make a sign behind each with different points based on difficulty level. Hand each team a bag of candy easy to toss in the buckets. Make sure it’s the same amount in each bag to be fair. Then time them to see who can score the most points by landing the candy in the buckets. Our top-pick candy to toss is JOLLY RANCHER Candy because they’re so light.

Go Bowling

Have some stackable plastic cups? Set them up like bowling pins and use a soft ball to knock ‘em down. This is great if you have small space indoors.

Make everyone feel like a winner

Send everyone home a champ with these All Start Team Cupcakes. Throw a side of golden-wrapped ROLO® Chocolate Candy in a party bag and everyone will feel like they got first place.

sports team cupcakes

Great party, Coach!

We’re not keeping score or anything, but if we were, your party-prepping would be unbeatable.