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We love a homemade dessert … just not the sink full of dishes afterward. Enter one-bowl baking! Decadent, delicious and fun, these one-bowl dessert recipes are a piece of cake.

Make cleanup a breeze with our one-bowl baking recipes.

When you want dessert right now, you don’t want to dirty lots of dishes. These easy recipes need just one bowl for the batter — as opposed to separate bowls for the wet and dry ingredients — so they cut down on the prep and the mess. They’re a simple way to whip up some chocolatey goodness for you or a friend. Here are some of our favorite one-bowl dessert recipes.

1. One-Bowl Cocoa Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

One-Bowl Cocoa Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

If it’s cake you want, it’s cake you’ll get! HERSHEY'S Cocoa provides the rich chocolate flavor to this from-scratch cake, while REESE’S Creamy Peanut Butter becomes the dreamy frosting in the middle. Top with chopped peanuts and mini baking chips and leave the sides unfrosted for a trendy naked cake.


2. One-Bowl Brownie Recipe

One-Bowl Brownie Recipe

Enjoy a classic dessert made simple. Matt Robinson from Real Food by Dad shared his recipe for one-bowl brownies using HERSHEY’S Cocoa and MINI KISSES Chocolate Chips. His ideal brownie is on the fudgier side — but you can bake the brownies for longer to make them cakier if you like.


3. One-Bowl Syrup Cake

One-Bowl Syrup Cake

The secret to getting this cake so chocolatey is the HERSHEY’S Syrup. The result is an airy, made-from-scratch chocolate cake with a light, just perfect flavor. Add some ready-made chocolate frosting for an extra layer of goodness. Then drizzle on some more syrup because why not!


Keep it simple with Hershey dessert recipes.

Amazing desserts don't have to be complicated. Make your day a little simpler with our one-bowl cakes and brownies. These recipes cut down on cleanup so you can get to what’s important: dessert! They’re perfect for when you need some chocolate decadence, and they’re even better shared with friends and family. For more easy baking ideas, check out our complete collection of dessert recipes.