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What's the difference? While these two coconutty treats are often found side-by-side, they've got different ingredients - and passionate fans!

Both ALMOND JOY and MOUNDS Candy feature a sweet coconut center. ALMOND JOY Candy includes a crunchy whole almond and a chocolate candy coating. MOUNDS Candy has no nuts and a dark chocolate candy coating.

Which Came First? 

MOUNDS Candy was created by Peter Halajian in 1920, while ALMOND JOY Candy made its debut in 1946. Both coconutty confections joined The Hershey Company as licensed products in 1988.

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"Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut ..."

American composer Leon Carr wrote this catchy line in 1970. Relive the iconic jingle and decide which one you're in the mood for today!

Did You Know?

The U.S. military made about 80% of all MOUNDS Candy purchases during World War II because the candy was so popular among the soldiers.

cross section of mounds candy

ALMOND JOY Frequently Asked Questions

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