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Movie Night Ideas

Transform your home into a sweet cinema with our collection of creative and cozy movie night ideas!

bowl of reeses miniature peanut butter cups and hersheys kisses milk chocolates
Be the Hero of Movie Night

REESE’S Miniatures and HERSHEY’S KISSES Candies are the delicious dynamic duo your family needs for the perfect movie night.

Create the Perfect Pairings

Get ready to snack like a pro! We’re pairing your favorite film genres with the tastiest treats, because every movie night deserves a delicious HERSHEY’S companion.

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Romantic Comedy

Romcoms, wine and HERSHEY’S Chocolate make the ultimate trio for a perfect night in! Make movie nights even more special with this sweet combination, such as, HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Mildly Sweet Chocolate Candy with Cabernet Sauvignon or HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Candy paired with Merlot.

glass of red wine paired with hersheys dark chocolate nuggets
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Add a dash of fun and flavor to your movie night with the delightful combo of colorful JOLLY RANCHER Gummies Original Flavor and crunchy PIRATES BOOTY Puffs. Kids will love watching their favorite characters on the screen while munching on this delicious mix of fruity, chewy and salty!

pile of jolly rancher gummies and pirates booty puffs
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Classic Films

Remember seeing your favorite flicks in the theater? Recreate that feeling and savor the iconic flavors of WHOPPERS Malted Milk Balls and MILK DUDS Candy while you kick back, relax and enjoy these timeless classics.

pile of unwrapped milk duds and whoppers candy
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Add an extra punch to your action movie night with chewy TWIZZLERS Candy and poppable SKINNYPOP Popcorn! These treats make every explosion and chase scene even more exciting, because who can resist this combo while on the edge of their seat?

twizzlers strawberry twist surrounded by pieces of skinnypop popcorn

Level Up Your Cinematic Experience

Creating the perfect setting turns a streaming session into a special occasion! Dim the lights, build the coziest pillow forts or even theme your setup.

Set the mood

The right ambience is key to creating a magical movie night right in your living room! The soft glow of string lights, candles, and colorful ambient light creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for cuddling up with loved ones and immersing yourself in the experience.

illustration of illuminated string lights

Build a pillow fort

Turn your living room into a fortress of fun and relaxation! Pile those pillows and drape the blankets to make the perfect spot to snuggle in, forget the world and lose yourself in the magic of the movie.

illustration of a pair of pillows

Set up outdoors

Creating an outdoor movie night is as easy as gathering outdoor blankets and chairs, bug spray, a projector, and some firewood for a bonfire. With the stars overhead, the backyard is the perfect place to enjoy a cinematic night with friends and family.

illustration of an outdoor movie setup with chairs, fire, and projection screen

Create a theme

From dressing up as your favorite characters to decorating your space to match the theme, making your night special is all about immersing yourself in the magic of the movie! Whether it’s for Halloween or a cozy Christmas film, you’ll make memories that last long after the credits roll.

illustration of a masquerade mask and sparkles