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Hershey Baking Products

A sprinkle of chips, a tablespoon of cocoa, a drizzle of syrup. There are lots of ways to make your kitchen creations even sweeter with our suite of baking essentials. Stock your pantry and great ready to bake something awesome!

chocolate cookies with reeses zero sugar baking chips

REESE'S Zero Sugar Baking Chips

Looking to sweeten up a recipe without all the sugar? These sugar free baking chips deliver classic peanut buttery goodness for cookies, pancakes, brownies and more.

Baking with Hershey

Try this hot cocoa trick: Mix your cocoa powder with a splash of milk or water to make a muddy mixture, then add the rest of your liquid for a super smooth blend. Explore our baking tips, tricks and guides to help you make delicious treats and memories in the kitchen!