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DC Comics superheroes with hershey's chocolate cnady bar with character symbols


DC and Hershey's are teaming up to share some heartwarming treats and exciting tales. Can you find all 12 limited edition HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate DC Super Hero™ Candy Bars and connect the story?

hersheys milk chocolate dc superhero candy bars

Collect Them All. Unlock More Issues.

Look for our specially marked bars and scan the QR codes to access the issues and complete the story. You can read your unlocked issues, anytime, in any order!

Read the First Issue Now

justice league comic book issue number one

Issue #1

A little girl's birthday party is interrupted by danger and chaos! Who will come to save the day? And why would dinosaurs and flying saucers appear at a park in Pennsylvania?

Your Issues — Collect Them All!

wonder woman and batman superhero candy bar designs

Issue #2

Wonder Woman™ and Batman™ team up to keep NYC streets safe during a city-wide blackout. Can they stick together while they figure out what caused the blackout?

aquaman and the flash superhero candy bar designs

Issue #4

Aquaman™ and The Flash™ meet up in Singapore to save tourists from a tidal wave. How did Aquaman not see it coming and why does meeting Aquaman have The Flash nervous?

green lantern and superman superhero candy bar designs

Issue #6

Images from a space telescope warn everyone about an approaching comet! Green Lantern and Superman head to outer space to help, but where’s the flying object now?

wonder girl and superman superhero candy bar designs

Issue #3

In Rio de Janeiro, Wonder Girl™ and Superman™ rescue dozens of people after a mudslide destroys homes. The storm was another incident causing global chaos. But why?

the flash and green lantern superhero candy bar designs

Issue #5

The Flash and Green Lantern™ investigate a missing passenger train in Europe. Did it really disappear with everyone on it or is something strange happening in the tunnel?

aquaman and batman superhero candy bar designs

Issue #7

Aquaman and Batman save boat passengers from the grips of a gigantic sea creature. It came from seven miles below the ocean’s surface, so how did it find its way to the bay?

justice league comic book issue number eight

Issue #8

Our heroes unite for the exciting conclusion. Will they finally figure out who’s behind these strange attacks before it’s too late?