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Oct 02, 2022

What to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy

Chocolate brownies stuffed with leftover halloween candy

If you’re reading this, that means the thought of that big bowl of leftover candy is haunting you. Give those treats new life by trying a few of these tasty ideas and whipping up some magical recipes to share with loved ones during this fall season!

Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

If you have a lot of Halloween treats hanging around, these recipes for Chocolate Bar Surprise Cookies and Chunky Hershey Candy Brownies are the perfect way to put your uneaten candy to use.

We know you probably don’t have any REESE’S Cups left over because obviously, they are everyone’s favorite Halloween candy. But in case you find the pile you forgot you stashed away, try making Easy Peanut Butter Temptations. These cookies feature a REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Miniature in the center for maximum sweetness with minimal effort.

KIT KAT® Bars are one of the most popular sweets to get during trick-or-treating, so it only makes sense that you would have more of them than you can eat! These recipes for Brownie Bottom and KIT KAT® Cheesecake Bars and KIT KAT® Chocolate Layer Cake let you use a bunch of bars at once.

If baking isn’t your thing, make a snack mix! An ample amount of WHOPPERS Malted Milk Balls could mean making a cozy fall movie night extra sweet with this WHOPPERS Candy Movie Mix. Keep spirits high while you’re cheering on your favorite team with this Game Day Party Snack Mix, perfect on the bleachers or from your couch! The beauty of mixes is that there are no rules, so you can include your favorites to make a truly tasty custom creation.

tray of reeses peanut butter cup temptations

For those who enjoy chocolate, almond and coconut, this recipe for ALMOND JOY Granola will make mornings the ultimate treat! Featuring chopped-up ALMOND JOY Miniatures, it’s a decadent twist on a classic breakfast snack.

If all those ideas still don’t empty the candy jar, creating your own candy bark sure will. Melt down your favorite baking chocolate, such as HERSHEY’S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Chips, and put any candy your tastebuds desire on top. Once it cools, break it apart and enjoy the delicious flavors and the fact that all your leftover sweets are gone!

Thanksgiving Treats Using Halloween Candy

Thanksgiving desserts are the perfect way to get crafty with all that Halloween candy. Make fall time a fun time by gathering the kids around to put together these adorable Pilgrim Hat Cookies and KIT KAT® Bar Turkey Cupcakes!

Fill your fall mornings with sweetness by baking a dozen of these Chocolate Toffee Cinnamon Sweet Rolls that are a great way to incorporate any leftover HEATH Toffee Bars you may have sitting around from Halloween.

kit kat thanksgiving turkey cupcakes recipe
holiday assorted dessert bar craft

Share Those Sweets

Try sharing your Halloween candy with family and friends! Set up a Dessert Decorating Station where you and your guests can decorate cupcakes and cookies with anything you please. A homemade Hot Chocolate Bar has no rules about what kinds of toppings (or how many!) you can add to your cup of cocoa.

Do you have a kid away at college? Odds are they probably didn’t go trick-or-treating, which means they would love to get their hands on some of that leftover candy. Use this College Care Package guide as inspiration or go rogue and fill a box with whatever sweets you’ve got!

Freeze Your Halloween Candy for Later

If you haven’t used up all your candy by Thanksgiving, it’s a good idea to freeze what’s left. It will stay fresh for longer, which means you have longer to enjoy it! Take a piece out when you’re ready for one, blend a few into milkshakes or use them as the perfect topping on your next bowl of ice cream.

Save your candy and use it during the winter holiday to make a Holiday House, a gingerbread house or a candy igloo. The kids will love the fun activity of getting to put these festive houses together and you’ll love using up all those leftover sweets! It’s a win-win!

Give Your Leftover Goodies Away

So, you’ve exhausted all of these options and still have Halloween candy? Lucky for you, the solution to getting those sweets out of the house is super simple. Contact your local food bank, soup kitchen or homeless shelter to see if they accept Halloween candy to share a little moment of goodness with others.

We bet you’ve got co-workers who would love to snack on your Halloween candy! That means you could be the most popular desk in the office by setting out a bowl to let your co-workers graze, or you can ask around your workplace to see if anyone has an interest in taking your leftovers home to enjoy. We have a feeling there will be takers!

bowl of assorted hershey halloween candies

The amount of Halloween candy in your house right now might be daunting (yet delicious) to think about, but we promise you’ll find a solution or three in here to lighten the load. And who knows, you might even start some new traditions with these deliciously festive ideas!