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Halloween Dessert Recipes

These sweetly scary Halloween party snacks don't require a cauldron — just lots of chocolate and a monster-sized imagination!

Scrumptious Snacks & Halloween Candy Creations

These frightfully delightful Halloween party treats are sure to be a scream! If these recipes look intimidating, have no fear ― they’re actually easier than you think.

Need to use up some leftover Halloween candy? Unwrap a few of your trick-or-treat treasures and bake them into fresh fall treats for tailgate parties, road trips or family desserts.

three chocolate covered strawberries decorated as ghosts on a tray of sprinkles

Halloween Recipes That Are Easier Than You Think

Create culinary magic with these enchanting Halloween dessert recipes! With three options to choose form, you can decide if you want to cast up a quick after-school treat or create a wickedly delicious dish for that upcoming Halloween party.

Halloween Crafts & Costumes

Leave room on your broom for these Hershey-inspired Halloween ideas, like candy costumes, family activities, and the best Halloween candy on the block.