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Backyard Camping Ideas

Published: Jun 26, 2023

A trip to the great outdoors doesn’t have to mean traveling far and wide to find the right spot. You and your family can have just as much fun in your own backyard. Set up your campsite, start the fire and grab your snacks because things are about to get “in-tents”!

family enjoying hersheys smores outdoors by the campfire

Plan Your Camping Experience

Begin your backyard adventure by making a list of everything you’ll need and gathering your supplies. You’ll want to start out by getting a tent or two and lots of blankets and pillows, depending on the size of your group. Then round up some chairs and any other supplies you might need, like flashlights, bug spray or snacks. There’s no need to worry if you forgot anything when your house is just a few yards away!

Backyard Camping Recipes

Turn your backyard camping experience into a super sweet one with some of our best recipes that are great for sharing with loved ones.

For a treat that kids and adults can enjoy, this Chocolate Fruit Snack Mix is great for customizing to all of your campers’ preferences! Add different kinds of cereal, dried fruit, nuts, pretzels and candies to your mix to make it just how you like it. Serve it in a big bowl or give out individual bags for simple snacking.

Popcorn is another great finger food option and the perfect addition to an outdoor movie night under the stars. This recipe for chocolaty and buttery Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn is perfect to snack on while telling stories around the campfire. Kids will also love the taste of these Secret KISSES Popcorn Balls that hold the sweet surprise of a HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolate Candy inside!

chocolate drizzled popcorn
stack of reeses peanut butter stuffed sugar cookies

Make your family happy campers by whipping up a batch of yummy cookies. These colorful and delicious REESE’S PIECES Peanut Butter Cookies are quick to make and easy to enjoy. Another tasty cookie recipe is these Chocolate Chip Toffee Bits Cookies. Melty chocolate, buttery toffee and soft cookies mean you’ve got a dessert that’ll be gobbled up before you know it.

No camping adventure is complete without ooey, gooey HERSHEY’S S’mores! Making S’mores over the campfire is the perfect way to spend special moments with close friends and family. Get your graham crackers, marshmallows and HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bars and start making delicious memories. If your backyard campsite doesn’t include a firepit, check out ways that you can make S’mores on the grill or indoors. You can even get creative with a new take on the dessert by making this Sea Salt S’mores Bark. With this recipe, you can give every camper that classic S’mores taste without having to take turns melting marshmallows!

Fun Backyard Activities

Now that you’ve got all the necessary supplies and snacks, make your backyard camping experience even better for the little ones with a few of these fun outdoor games and activities.

Camping is all about exploring and discovering the environment around you, so start your adventure off with a nature scavenger hunt! Let the kids roam around the area to find all kinds of sticks, leaves, bugs and whatever else might be in your backyard. Make sure you do this while it’s still light out, so it’s easy to find things.

Once the sun goes down, set up a projector along with some pillows, blankets and chairs to have an awesome outdoor movie night with family. You can also take some inspiration from these stargazing party ideas by making fun drinks, cool crafts or simply just lying down to stare up at all the amazing stars and constellations. End the night in the tent with a shadow puppet show on the ceiling. All you need is a flashlight, your hands and a little creativity!

stargazing party spread

Live that camping life from wherever you are with these fun backyard camping ideas. Sleep under the stars, immerse yourself in nature and spend sweet moments with family - all just a few feet away from home!