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It's Party Time!

Getting ready to celebrate someone's special day? We've got incredible birthday cake recipes, DIY party invitations, themed celebration ideas and loads of candy flavors to make planning a breeze.

Next-Level Fun: Birthday Party Inspiration

Surprise your birthday star and their guests with an extra-special party theme, fun activities and terrific treats.

collage of birthday party celebration images

Sweet DIY Birthday Party Ideas

From goodie bag stations to create-your-own cupcake activities, get everyone involved in the birthday fun.

Try These Fun Party Activities

birthday cake with hershey syrup topping and reese's cups on top

4 Extra-Special Birthday Cakes

Bake an impressive cake that's both jaw-dropping and mouthwatering! Here are 4 ideas to get you started.

See Birthday Cake Ideas

slumber party snacks with sign

How to Plan a Slumber Party

Create a cozy slumber party celebration complete with snacks, activities, giggles and maybe some sleep!

Get Slumber Party Inspiration