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Pudding & Mousse Recipes

There's no better way to stir up some sweetness than with Hershey's delicious pudding and mousse recipes. Try whipping up one of our classic chocolate treats or get creative with something new. Each bite will be "pudding" smiles on everyone's faces!

tray of chocolate pudding cups

Quick Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Wish you knew how to make chocolate pudding from scratch? Look no further than this 5-star chocolate pudding recipe using HERSHEY'S Cocoa.

Pudding Recipes You Mousse Make Today

Simple, quick, and totally tasty, these recipes for creamy pudding and fluffy mousse will have friends and family of all ages looking forward to dessert.

plated slice of chocolate mousse pie

Chocolate Magic Mousse Pie

Try this light and fluffy chocolate mousse pie recipe that's made with HERSHEY'S Cocoa. It's a no-bake treat that will have your mouth watering.

Did You Know?

Pudding is thick and rich, while mousse is light and airy. But both can make perfect no-bake chocolatey treats! Explore more baking tips, tricks and hacks that'll make your moments in the kitchen even sweeter.

bowl of chocolate pudding mousse

7 Creative Chocolate Mousse Recipes

A perfect mousse should be creamy, luscious and oh-so delicious, and these recipes will do just that. Try out one of these chocolatey desserts that will make your tastebuds swoon.